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Quality Paint Protection Film in Medicine Hat

If you require complete paint protection for your life on the road, trust us to install quality paint protection film. HI-Tech Paint & Collision Ltd is a certified XPEL installer who understands the importance of protecting your investment. We use ULTIMATE PLUS™ 10, which is the thickest paint protection film designed to offer effective surface protection to the most exposed areas of your vehicle. We custom-fit protection films and cut them on-site for installation. If you want to keep your vehicle looking like new, book an installation appointment with our team.

Signature Features of XPEL’s ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10

Here is what to expect from XPEL’s ULTIMATE PLUS ™ 10. 

Non-yellowing film

Heat activated self-healing film

Maximum durability & improved impact protection

Edge seal technology

Why Choose HI-Tech Paint & Collision Ltd for Paint Protection Film?

HI-Tech Paint & Collision Ltd is trusted to provide the exterior protection you need for your car.

Our team installs branded paint protection films

We are a certified XPEL installer


HI-Tech Paint & Collision Ltd is locally-owned and operated

Our team has 30 years of experience

We custom fit protection films to vehicles

We cut film kits onsite for installation

Ten year warranty icon

Some Popular Service Questions

  • Do You Work with Insurance Companies?
    Our full-service body shop works with all major insurance companies. This means your claims will be processed without any inconvenience.
  • Do You Provide a Lifelong Guarantee of Your Repair Work?
    Our tenured staff provides a workmanship warranty with our auto body services. Our work is guaranteed for life.
  • Which Replacement Parts Do You Have?
    We have replacement parts of good quality from reputable suppliers.

XPEL Paint Protection

Whatever the adventure or day, protect your vehicle XPEL way!

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